5 Best Android Emulators for PC 2020

Android emulators are apparently becoming more popular as we can observe that the market for android keeps on growing. The possibilities for android emulators are endless and their performance is better in comparison to the iOS emulators for PC and Mac. Here is a guide to some of the best emulators to try and use in 2020.

Nox Player

Nox Player especially targets Android gamers. It is best suited for playing massive games like PUBG or Justice League and comes without any sponsored ads. The Nox Player allows you to map keys of keyboard, mouse, and gamepad. You can even assign keyboard keys for gestures and specify the CPU and RAM usage in the settings option to get the best gaming results.


BlueStacks is probably the best known Android emulator among Android users.  Other than the Play Store, you have the option to download BlueStacks optimized apps from its own app store. It is an all-rounder emulator but lags on underpowered PCs.


Memu is a relatively new in the field but gives results similar to the aforementioned emulators. One of its most significant features is its support for both AMD and Nvidia chips. It also supports a variety of android versions and advocates for high-performance gaming. Nonetheless its graphics performance is relatively poor and lacks smoothness in comparison to other app players.


Genymotion is not a casual android emulator; it is targeted specially at the developers. It is equipped with several developer-friendly features. The Android simulator lets you test apps on a variety of virtual devices with different versions of Android. The emulator is compatible with Android SDK and Android Studio.


Droid4x is an Android virtual machine/simulator that runs as a guest operating system and is considered to be the fastest emulator on the list. It is a full working android operating system with networking and other functional features.  Droid4x works on Windows and Mac OS X. Android version 4.2.2 is the current version running on Droid4x.


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