How to be Happy in Life?

When Life gets tough, Just be happy
When Life gets tough, Just be happy

I have observed many people asking from others that how they stay happy? What is the secret to their happiness? When people ask the same question from me, I tell them some of the tips which I think are significant and fruitful.

Happiness is a goal that each of us want to achieve, however, not everyone can achieve this goal. You don’t yearn for future happiness, rather happiness is the art to find gratitude and satisfaction in the moment. I have compiled some tips for staying happy in the present moment.

Create Positive Mindset

The first and foremost tip to be happy in life is by expressing and being thankful for the facilities and things you have in life. If you have food to eat and shelter to sleep, then consider yourself the luckiest person and thank god for all the bounties you have. Because there are some people out there who don’t have food to eat and place to live. In addition, replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Don’t forget to see the silver linings in life.

Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

If people compare themselves with others, it means they don’t accept themselves the way they are. First accept the fact that you are unique. You are special creation of God. Most people seek perfection in life, yet they forget that there is beauty in imperfection. Embrace your imperfection and make them your strengths. For example, whenever you look at the mirror, complement yourself. It will enhance your confidence.

Meditate, Exercise Daily and Eat Organic Food

Meditation and exercise are scientifically proven ways to be happy. Meditation helps you to stay focused in your work; you complete the tasks and feel accomplished which gives you happiness. Furthermore, exercise is important for a healthy life. Mostly, healthy people are happy people too. As it is said exercise gives more happiness than money. Along with that, your food choices are also counted in the ingredients of your happiness recipe. Eating organic food prevents diseases and addition of fat. One important tip to stay happy is spending money on experiences than on things.

Live According to Your Personal Values

Living life based on your rules also leads to happy life. For instance, imagine you want to be an artist and you end up being a doctor. It will be the worst experience as you won’t enjoy being a doctor. Thus, compromising values result in unhappy life. Moreover, you must do at least one activity you enjoy each day. If you like cooking or travelling, you must cook and explore (at least one place) respectively.

Express Your Emotions

One common trait that unhappy people share is that they bottle up their emotions. Sharing is very important to spend a peaceful and happy life. If you are down, call a friend or your siblings to share your sorrows and happiness. Mostly, friends offer a supporting shoulder, so you can cry your heart out and get relaxed.

Build a Support System

One effective tip to stay happy is by surrounding yourself with positive people i.e. friends and family with whom you feel wanted and safe. Avoid keeping a company that drains your energy out.

In short, happiness is attainable if you follow the above-mentioned simple tips consistently. So, follow these tips and stay happy!


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